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Determination of system strength

Rigel + under Rigel farm

t often happens that the distance between the posts must be increased, and the crossbar, no matter how powerful it is laid, does not pass the calculation of the snow load. This task is solved by installing an additional subrigel truss, and the pipes of the subrigel truss can be made of a much smaller cross section of the profile. There is a problem-what profile parameter and what should be the width of the podrigelny truss to meet the sufficient strength without overpayments without creating unnecessary heaps in the canopy. Of course, we are talking about a podrigel farm filled with triangular shapes, as shown in the figure, and not squares. The calculator will show the strength of the system, folding resistance to bending of the main bolts plus the resistance of the bottom tube podrigalo farm before the onset of yield strength in tension and not resistance podrigalo farm on a bend when it is incorrectly filled square shapes, with the result that a farm becomes useless.

Note: this section already takes into account the safety factor (1.3), that is, for example, the calculator showed a safety factor of 0%, which means that the farm is calculated normally, with a safety factor (1.3)..

"A" - length podrigalo farm

"B" - distance along the axes of the pillars, the width of the canopy (in millimeters)

"C"- the size between the horizontal pipes of the pruning truss (in millimeters)

snow load kgf / m2, for example, in the Moscow region 210

safety margin of the crossbar system + under the crossbar truss

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