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What to do if you need to figure out one - on-one, how to protect yourself

So, in order to protect yourself, not only when called one-on-one, but in General from all cases, you need to take the right position, taking it, you will be able to find answers to many questions.​


But before I talk about this position and to give some examples, most occurring in my life, I'd like to share with the very end about what to do in the most extreme case, that is when it was followed by punch, kick, slap, slap, as it is important your physical training, visiting sections of the training. But, let's say the opponent, objectively stronger than you, larger than you, has already struck, and you are not an athlete, what to do? I remember the village in which I could not, I was afraid to cross the street, not a dog attacked me, but some rooster, whose aggression I saw for the first time, and what kind of blows did he have? only the flapping of wings, knowing this, that he would do nothing to me, still felt some kind of fear. Similarly, a person will stop in front of an aggressive cat. Therefore, it is necessary to react without delay, the faster, the more unexpected for a strong opponent. Hit your feet, your hands, anywhere and several times at once. Perhaps it will not hurt, but the main thing here is to catch up with fear, so that the wave from his head to his heels. And even if the fight can't be won, the opponent will remember this reaction and will not climb another time.

Why there are no options for how to fight back, because there is a concept of residual stress. Let's say you effectively and healthily he said the word, talked to him seriously, after he attacked and successfully went through half a year, a year later, this same man suddenly fills you, but the impact will be much stronger and harder and to put in place this man would be much more difficult as he is not afraid. (this does not apply to the father-son family relationship, if the son raised his hand against the father, I think it is necessary to talk, and not give change).

The next stage has received threats - "we will crown you will not find it", or as they say, "break something". This situation often occurs at work between the master and the worker. There is a saying-a dog that barks, does not bite. Here the situation is easier, but also without options, if the answer is not correct, Yes, you will disperse from the world but the residual stress will remain. It will be difficult and stressful to continue working and cooperating with such a person, and in half a year or a year the threats will be much stronger. The correct answer here is "try". That is, you can not also say this word once again, namely, repeat only 1 time after each additional threat, said this word once again, that is, twice after the threat, can be perceived as a challenge. Usually the enemy retreats, but continues to be nervous for some time. Then it calms down completely and no longer threatens.

The next stage is a one-on-one meeting. Usually such a situation can appear at work, as well as between the master and the worker, the driver and the master, etc. the work Itself is already a means of conflict and no matter what person is correct and prudent, it is impossible to avoid such offers.

But here we need to talk about intelligence and the correct position. There is a concept that they say, if you did not accept the challenge, did not go with it around the corner, then you are a coward and not a man. I also thought about how I would live with it, realizing that I was a coward, because I did not accept the challenge and went around the corner with anyone who called me there. And to be ready for a fight, I trained hard and attended the karate section and could fully stand up for myself.

Everything changed in a moment suddenly, life has shown that there are much more serious tests of strength. The one who passed them knows that the test of strength - "who is how much, who is with a sword" - is just a dog reflex that costs nothing. Thus, a person who has passed the real test of strength, automatically understands this and will never sort things out around the corner at the level of the dog reflex "who is how much who with a sword", just because he respects himself and does not want to fall so. Clearly, the one who calls for a corner, has not passed the real test of strength, respectively, it already shows its unworthiness. When I hear such a sentence, now I do not think about whether I am a coward, but first of all I feel contempt for this man, since he voluntarily shows me that he is unworthy, that is, still a baby, has not seen life and has not experienced something for himself. But you can't explain this philosophy to him on the street, it is purely personal information that is not distributed and not discussed, which I call a position. Accordingly, the response to the unworthy must be very tough to put it in its place. (but in no case can you say go fuck yourself, go fuck yourself) you need to understand that in no case can you itdti on the occasion of someone, this means allowing someone to manipulate you and follow someone's instructions for no reason at all - this is primarily not self-respect.

When conducting a meeting with workers, if the worker publicly sent threats in the form of "I'll break something for you", the answer is "you will fight in your yard", the same answer can be sent to any subordinate with whom you need to keep subordination.

When communicating with an equal contender, if such an offer is received, you can apply the method from extreme to extreme-the answer to the unworthy one- " can you still order a polka to dance to you?"

Usually, after such responses, the aggressor calms down immediately and forgets in half a second what he offered.

What to say if you are clearly approached to humiliate, for example, with the offer- "run for cigarettes", the answer:- "run for beer".

What to say if you come from another area and ask - "from where are you" to beat then of course, the answer is : -" for what purpose are you interested"

What to answer if they ask for money, the answer is " the wife gave only for lunch"

What to answer, if they ask riddles, the answer of which depends on your future position, the answer is "guys, I do not need it".

I will cite an example: suppose I am an employee at the Mall, sit in a office, a customer, who was unhappy with my service, tells me : "come on, around the corner come here", I ask: -"what purpose", he replied: - "you will teach the mind to reason", the answer: "thou shalt teach my patio, in this place you our client."

Another case, let's assume, I work as a welder, at the next table the same welder works and constantly finds fault with me, then he does not like one thing, another third, as a result of General works and answers, he calls me around the corner, since he has already fairly worn out my nerves, the answer will be this - " can you order another polka dance?"​

Another example, let's say you were approached on the street, asked a couple of questions, from which it was already unobtrusively found out that you live in a hostile area of the city and should be punished for this. Offer move away for a corner, the answer: - "I this need?"

Another example: let's say you were caught by the husband of your mistress at work and offers to leave the apartment, so as not to break the furniture and sort out the entrance, here, perhaps, you can not avoid a fight, but you can reduce the risk by 50% with these arguments - "what will remain of you if I use force?"let's say he answers, "this is our problem" and insists to go to the entrance, in any case, you can not go on about someone, here you need to answer - "I do not need your problems with the cops." Although, in fact, it will work out, even if you are covered in blood from head to toe, and your husband will only have a scratch, your mistress, even if she promised you gold mountains today, and her husband a divorce, the police will testify that you broke into their apartment and beat an innocent husband, as well as demand material damage, which in the future will buy upholstered furniture for life with her husband.

 If you are humiliated, for example, - "fool", then there are many answers - "teach me to do smart", "you are not asked", " tell me what you are proud of"

 Almost every conflict that has occurred does not occur at the voluntary request of the aggressor. That is, in life, it does not happen like in a Chinese action movie-a guest has arrived, they ask the guest:

"what question?"

"I have business with you

"what business?"

- let's fight

 Therefore, even if you respond rudely, putting it in its place, it is the same aggressor, subconsciously perceived as the removal of the conflict and usually, the aggressor calms down. But you cannot use prohibited expressions such as fuck you, fuck you, because there are statutes under which the aggressor is obliged to who it was sent to "bleed" if he doesn't do it, according to the Charter, it will be permanently deleted. And to draw blood, weapons will be used-a knife, brass knuckles, etc. The same topic applies to suggestions to the guest - you can not say "sit down" - because it will always be implied the most extreme sense, you can only offer- " sit down"

If a homeless person sticks on the street with a request to spend the night at your home, the answer is "not a specific offer"

If they stick at work clearly neglecting the concept of payment-work, make me, as a friend, more, more-the answer is "what could I help"​

 These were examples in which I explained how to answer, but there are situations in life in which you can not answer at all. This is closer to street accidents. It's better to be mute on the street. Except for cases when you were asked just the road, where is so-and-so.  Here is an example. I was in a neighboring city, well, there was no place to go on a small one, there were no paid toilets anywhere, there was no exit, either in my pants or on the street after all. I found a corner, got up there, suddenly a car passes by, from which they shout - " Hey, you, get out of here." I decided to say, " sorry, I didn't want to." The man, hearing that he was being lamented, ran out of the car and attacked with his fists, the fight was not avoided.... And it was correct to apply the rule - "on the street you have to be mute", and just silently leave, after some shouts from the car, especially since the job was almost done, the tension was removed.

 Dear reader, I think these examples are enough to find your position and find the right answers to other life questions.

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