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We offer 5 online calculators, with which you can easily and quickly select all professional pipes for the planned canopy, roof of the building, without difficulties:


1. Rigel calculator


2. farm calculator


3. Zhilin calculator


4. rafters calculator


5. calculator of the Rigel system + under the Rigel farm

If our calculator was useful to you, you can express your gratitude by contributing 20 cents to the development of the project of this calculator. We will be grateful to you, and we will know that we are moving in the right direction. Funds can be sent to the mobile phone balance +79859746452. (MTS, Moscow). To transfer funds, you can use the official MTS website.

We do not torment the reader with phrases like " here you need to take into account...", "calculate...", " choose from engineering tables...- as they do on all sites! All formulas, invoices, samples, Snips, state standards, and estimates are hidden inside the calculator.
All the material is selected in 2-3 sizes that you already know. Enter the dimensions you need and the calculator will show you the percentage of safety margin of the selected profile. If the margin is positive, the node of a canopy will be considered to be calculated according to the laws of strength of materials with all building codes, Standards and brands.

With this calculator, you can calculate any node of the canopy. You will get comprehensive data on the loads on any canopy or roof. You can calculate the load on all elements of the canopy online in detail.

Our calculator is aimed at customers of garden associations, cottage settlements and other private owners who need a quick and reasonable selection of professional pipes for sheds of outbuildings, car sheds and extensions to buildings. Since often, in the absence of such a calculator, lack of experience, clients of "garden and vegetable garden" take up construction without any justification at all, either underestimating the strength, or Vice versa, spending extra money, reassigning the strength. Therefore, the purpose of the calculator is only to Orient the client in the right direction. For the construction of industrial buildings and workshops, industrial sheds and other large structures, a more detailed calculation is required. For example, in industrial construction, each link of the truss must be calculated (except for the yield strength at break and bend in this calculator) by compression and torsion flexibility, a parameter that is taken into account before this link enters the production of the truss, by rolling to bend and filling triangular elements, and other parameters with their estimates. But in any case, if you want to build "something" based only on "experience", and not on calculations, it is better to use this calculator. In addition, you can use this calculator to set your own safety margin, for example, 50%, 80%, by selecting the strength relative to your budget. For example, the farms of our production shop have a reserve of 80% and can withstand not only snow, but also a crane-beam that carries heavy loads. In any case, of course, you need to adhere to basic rules during construction, for example, you can not use loads across the links, only along. For example, in a farm, the place on which it is supported by a bolt must not be empty, that is, without filling (i.e., above the crossbar in the farm, there must be a link to fill the farm! very often, the farm breaks down for this reason!). To install the "noodles" part, it is better to provide for it in the economy to fill vertical links or intersect triangular fills. It is better to fill the truss with a thinner profile and more often than a powerful and rare one, since we should not forget that the load on the triangular links of the fill goes along the axis and it is insignificant, and hoysontal pipe trusses have a component of bending loads, and the load on horizontal pipes is huge compared to the insignificant load of the truss fill pipes.

Video on how to use the calculator:

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